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About Marklife Brand Label Printer

Shenzhen Yin xiao qian Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional Label printer and label paper Supplier in Shenzhen, China.  We produce portable Bluetooth label printer. Adopt inkless printing principle.The exclusive App operation supports multiple language systems and can input multiple languages. It is mainly used for price labeling, household goods storage and sorting, and company document marking.
All our products are passed the CE, RoHS ,FCC,KC,PSE,TELEC,CCC testing, In addition to that, we'll be running power tests internally, e. S. D Test, Emi test, drop test, high and low temperature environment test, packaging and transportation vibration test, X. Y. Z-axis vibration test, USB plug and pull experience test ,And before shipment for a full quality inspection to ensure product quality
We have professional engineer support, high efficiency sales team and competitive price superiority, and attract customers from all over the world, we export to over 40 countries, including Europe, Poland, USA, Mexico, Brazil, Thailand ,Korea,Japan,Middle east and South Africa.
After several years’ development, We have achieved great progress, we are equipped with Die Cutting machine , Automatic slitting machine, Welding press and multi-function testing machines. Our R&D department provide the strong technical support and enable us to receive some O E M, O D M projects. We can produce at least 5,000pcs printers per day.
We are reliable supplier of the Label printer supply with 1 years warranty. We are looking forward to get more cooperation.

Marklife is a Professional Label Printer and Label Paper Manufacturer, Which Supports OEM/ODM Customization And is Suitable for Various Application Scenarios Such as Business, Supermarket, Clothing store, Cafe store, Home and School!

Welcome to Marklife!

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