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Login to APP----Complete the connection

Step 1: Open the "Marklife" APP in your mobile phone - complete the login (three ways: email login, facebook login, visitor login)

When logging in to the APP, there that the mobile phone and the printer can connect to) are several login methods to choose from:

1) Visitor login
This login method can directly edit the label content and print it without affecting the use function, but it cannot save the label template. The same interior space the next time you want to print, you still need to retype and edit.

2) Account login
(email or facebook) account login, you can save the edited label template, and the same content can be printed directly next time, even if it is a new mobile phone, as long as you log in with the same account, you can find the saved template records.

Step 2: Click "UNLINK" to search for P12 Label Printer.

Note: The mobile phone needs to turn on the Bluetooth function in order
to search for the Bluetooth number of the label printer normally in the
APP (the Bluetooth permission of the mobile phone is equal to the bridge
When logging in to the APP, there that the mobile phone and the printer can connect to)

Please agree to the location label printer permission, so that when the the mobile phone searches for the label printer, it can normally find the Bluetooth number of the printer and connect it. This is the requirement of the Android system. As long as the Bluetooth electronic product is connected, the location permission must be required, otherwise the mobile phone will not be able to find this Bluetooth electronics.

This is the bluetooth number name of the label printer

Note: Keep GPS turned on when connecting your Android phone to the label printer.

Operation steps——gap sticker

Step.1 The label machine is installed with a gap sticker

-----40mm*12mm, select the gap label, and a reminder will pop up:

I am the gap label

Step.2 The default size is shown here: 40mm*12mm,

if you use other sizes of stickers, please select the correct size.

Step.3 If installing color gap stickers - Cloud template - select the correct sticker size and template (need to be consistently installed into the label printer color pattern) otherwise normal printing and use will be affected.
Note: The colored stickers have their own colors and different patterns, which are not printed by the label machine (the thermal label printer can only print black printing content).

Step.4 Double-click the text box to enter the text editing state Step.5 Font styles can be adjusted and these features are free.

Operation steps——Continuous label.

Step.1 The label machine is installed with a Continuous label-----Width: 15 mm, select the Continuous label.
Note: The size of the continuous label stickers is the same: 15mm width, 4.3m/roll



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