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Working principle of label printer

In our life, we often encounter the scene that when marking an object, the handwriting is easy to erase and the adhesive tape is easy to fall off. Therefore, it is more convenient to use a label printer. It is waterproof and oil proof, with its own adhesive back, and it can be printed and pasted at any time. In this way, it is much more convenient. How does it work?

The basic printing principle of the label printer can be divided into two printing methods: thermal printing and thermal conversion printing. Thermal printing and thermal conversion printing are good label printing methods. At this time, because these two printing methods can be easily applied to various adhesive label materials, and can print high and high-quality patterns, they also have very good edge definitions. Each technology can generate one-dimensional and two-dimensional barcode symbols, and the pattern and text font can be printed with the same clarity and speed.

In the two printing methods of thermal transfer printing and thermal printing, the barcode printing head is used for heating, and the thermal transfer barcode printing is a durable pattern printed on the material by heating the carbon tape. Thermal printing does not require the use of carbon tape but directly prints character graphics on label paper.

In thermal transfer printing, the barcode printing head heats the ribbon, and then the ink will melt on the label paper to form a pattern. The ribbon material will be absorbed by the medium, and the pattern will become a part of the label. This technology provides better durability and pattern quality. Thermal printing is to use the thermal medium that has been chemically treated. When the medium passes through the thermal printing head, the medium will turn black. Thermal printers do not require ink, toner, or ribbon. The simple design makes the thermal printer easy to use and durable. Because no ribbon is needed, the pattern on the thermal medium will fade over time. If the label is exposed to heat, light or other catalysts, the material will become dark and the barcode will not be read.

Marklife label printer can print a series of information such as product name, size, color, product number, composition, content, price and barcode on the label; Reasonable price and high cost performance; The printed label shall be clear and fadeless; Small size, elegant appearance, flexible placement; Make different barcodes as needed.



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